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Performance and Process Management

A+ performance

These issues are often linked together and can be handled flexibly.  Some organisations define performance goals first and then build processes capable of achieving the targets they have established, others establish the process model and then build a performance framework on top of the processes.  Whichever option you choose it is always challenging to get it right.


We have worked with leading organisations in process and performance management and can help you through some of the issues that you are likely to face when dealing with these issues.  This can be from a practical perspective in planning out what needs to be thought about and then delivered or in dealing with some of the people issues involved.  We can also advise on how to identify the right tools to support your activity, whether they are focused on a technical environment or for supporting the people on the front line who have to execute on your processes every day.

Drawing on a range of techniques developed to explore the issues that you need to identify and understand in detail we will create the right environment to explore the challenges that lie ahead.  We will encourage you to challenge your thinking and help you to build a deep understanding of what needs to be done using our 4 stage I D E A approach

Step 1 – Initiate: here we will build an understanding of what you are trying to achieve.  We will explore with you what you already know to provide a base point from which to start.

Step 2 – Design: we will develop the outline of the event(s) taking into account the business drivers and identify appropriate techniques to create and evaluate new approaches to your situation.  We will work with you to make sure that the balance is right and that we will have the right mix of people involved to be successful.

Step 3 – Execution: we will then run the event(s) based on the agreed approach keeping focus on the performance and process issues that need to be addressed.  We will help develop your thinking whether you are at the very early stages or validating some activity that is already being progressed.

Step 4 – Action: lastly, we will capture the output from the event(s) within twenty-four hours.  This will include: materials used and / or developed on the day, actions / next steps agreed. We will also follow-up with you within 2 to 4 weeks of the final event to talk through progress and act as a reminder for agreed actions.

For more information on how we can help you develop your performance and process frameworks, please contact us at

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