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Leadership, Management and Governance

Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.

Stephen R. Covey

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There are dozens of books on the differences between leadership and management, there are dozens more on how to go about the process of governance.  As an issue few organisations take the time to consider it properly, leaving the evolution of organisational culture largely to chance.  Whether you are concerned with issues of leadership, management or governance we can help by exploring options for change with you in a safe environment.

By bringing together a group of key influencers from your organisation we can consider how well you understand your current environment and just how it impacts, positively or negatively, on your current level of success.  We can examine the underlying causes of problems that you may be experiencing in day-to-day operations and guide you through a discussion of alternative approaches.

If we agree it is appropriate we will survey your organisation anonymously in order to ascertain a view of the current operating environment.  Using this important base data we will use our 4 stage I D E A approach to develop event(s) that  will provide a focused view of what is working and what is letting you down and help define actions for the future to improve the atmosphere and the levels of performance.

Step 1 – Initiate: here we will build an understanding of how you currently see yourselves, your strengths and weaknesses and what aspects of your current approach are causing you concern.  We will explore with you what you believe needs to be different in order to make progress as an organisation.

Step 2 – Design: we will develop the outline of the event(s) taking into account the current situation.  We will identify appropriate models and approaches to explore with you and your team and share them with you to ensure that  we can achieve the objectives for the event(s) and then we will work with you to be certain that the right people are involved.

Step 3 – Execution: we will then run the event(s) based on the agreed approach keeping the energy levels high and building enthusiasm for the approaches being explored.  We will propose methods for ongoing consideration and help you come to a shared understanding of what is most appropriate for your organisation.

Step 4 – Action: lastly, we will capture the output from the event(s) within twenty-four hours.  This will include: materials used and / or developed on the day, actions / next steps agreed. We will also follow-up with you within 2 to 4 weeks of the final event to talk through progress and act as a reminder for agreed actions.

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