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I hate bad meetings!

08 Feb 2011

Empty Meeting

Okay, so I am in a ranty mood.  Having just sat through a local government consultation meeting that was disappointingly sterile I was pondering why I was feeling quite so frustrated.  What I concluded was that I HATE bad meetings.  To be fair, the organisers today had a short period of time and a lot of attendees in a less than ideal, borrowed, location. However, consultation should mean listening, engaging, dialogue and real discussion not just impenetrable presentations and questions an answers in an environment that can feel very them and us.  Consultation requires something a little different, often there is information to impart, opinions to be sought, views to be shared and discussions to be had.  A creation of shared understanding and meaning that extends everyone’s knowledge and meets people’s real needs. Create an appropriate environment, taking the time to prepare materials properly with accessible presentations that impart information effectively and a structure to the discussion that involves everyone in a far less intimidating environment.  Is that too much to ask?  What experiences have you had?

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