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Do you use plain English?

22 Dec 2010

Management speak pervades the office, are you clear with your people?

Do you speak in clear understandable terms or are you fond of the odd cliché?  The trouble with management speak is that it leaves most people cold and disenfranchises those that don’t understand it. Communicating in clear terms is not so difficult and the negative impact of poor communication is well understood.  Having just finished watching this year’s Apprentice shows I couldn’t help but smile at some of the terms used by one of the candidates; she ultimately admitted to having her own dictionary.  It was impossible to understand what she was saying and anyone trying to ‘conversate’ with her might have found it difficult to find ‘comfortability’.  Try and catch yourself using management speak and ask yourself if there might be a better way to express yourself for the benefit of your people, plain English works wonders.

So just what is the worst example of management speak that you have come across?

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  1. 02 Jan 2011 9:55 pm

    “Proactive”. It’s the most depressing word in the English language, because it used to lazily describe something pretty profound. It always has me reaching for the sickbag.


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