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Simplication…via @hughhefner

16 Dec 2010


“Crystal brought me a laptop computer & now she & Anna are showing how it works. It’s like my iPad, but more complicated.”

Lotus carColin Chapman of Lotus cars was credited with the idea of simplication, a very simple concept that Hugh Hefner (yes the Hugh Hefner) has nailed completely in his humourous twitter post.  Chapman said that the car could be as complicated as hell under the bonnet (hood, sorry Hugh) but it should be simple and clear to the driver.  Don’t complicate things for the guy who is driving fast, he has enough to worry about – simplication.

The iPad has done a fantastic job of simplicating the laptop and while I have never bought one I can’t say I am not sorely tempted.  Jobs and Apple understand what Gates and Microsoft never did, I don’t need to know how clever you are by you showing how difficult you can make your products, I want you to make my life easier by making your products easy for me to work with – simplicate them!  It is why Apple are once again laughing all the way to the bank and Microsoft are playing catch up…badly.

Great point Hef!

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