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A glorious rant

23 Nov 2010

Tom Peters is a man who presents with real passion and conviction.  He looks at the same things as everyone else but somehow sees them differently to other people.  The results are often astounding.  When he wrote the Circle of Innovation in the 90’s there were almost no competitor books available anywhere.  Now, and I would suggest largely thanks to Tom, innovation is a major issue with plenty of awareness and a lot of good material on the market to help.  In this talk he shows just how easily we allow creativity to be systematically destroyed by a lack of thought and awareness.  Creativity has probably taken over from innovation as a key issue (not everyone has realized yet!) so just take a moment to think…do you foster creativity in your organisation or are you inadvertently crushing it?

Having had the pleasure and privilege of seeing Tom speak live I can say that from real experience when Tom speaks it is worth listening.  When he rants…pay close attention it just might be something that changes the world.

Tom Peters on Creativity

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