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Are you prepared for any test?

10 Nov 2010

Practice the 5 Ps

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

It may be an old adage but there is just no escaping it, the two videos that follow may be set a few millennia and several light years apart but they illustrate perfectly, and somewhat humorously,   how painful it can be to find yourself either unprepared for what is facing you or that you are meticulously prepared for the wrong things.

Making sure you take the time to consider just what the future may bring can pay immense dividends, consider Shell who following their development of scenario planning chose to stay in South Africa and tackle apartheid from within.  This move may have been difficult but it created a perfect situation when things changed.  Or what about their thought that one day things might change in the USSR and open up opportunities that had previously been unthinkable.  Shell had a plan for what to do should the USSR collapse, a plan that gave them a fantastic advantage over the rest of their industry.  Oddly, NATO had never even considered the possibility and were left wondering, in a rather panicked state, just what to do about it.

Enjoy the videos, but if you feel a slight cringe at the preparedness of your organisation, then e-mail us at and let’s talk about how we can help you feel better.

Mr Bean

Red Dwarf

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