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Just what do you do?

08 Nov 2010

Do your employees know what is expected of them?

The need for clarity in organisations has never been greater, clarity of purpose, clarity of direction, clarity of process.  Being crystal clear for your employees in turn helps them be crystal clear for your customers.

It isn’t uncommon these days to ask questions of the people within organisations only to receive inadequate or disappointing responses.  Take for example the average electronics store on a Saturday; staffed by part-timers often youngsters who have been given a badge and told to talk nicely to customers who look a bit lost.  Rarely if ever can they answer the most simple questions, ask anything a little complicated like what are the terms on their finance agreements and you know they are going to run for a manager.  But, there are plenty of other examples of a similar nature, try asking contact centre staff anything that might be considered ‘off-script’ and you may not be surprised  to find the line dead and an eerie silence.

Establishing a clear mission, vision and process model is not impossible, so why do so many organisations lack these basic constructs?  Whether you choose to start with mission and vision or take a more practical route and start with process the most important thing is to start.  Be clear – for your organisation’s sake, for your employee’s sake and perhaps most importantly for your customer’s sake.

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